Today's Specials Starting 12.01.18

Italian Style Meatballs £11.95
Freshly made meatballs cooked in a homemade Italian tomato sauce. Served on a bed of pappardelle pasta with garlic bread.
Rarebit Pork Loin £12.75
A tender 8oz pork-loin steak flame grilled then smothered in a crème fraiche and wholegrain mustard sauce. Served on a bed of spring onion and bacon mashed potato with fine green beans.
Chicken Katsu £13.25
A fresh chicken breast coated in panko breadcrumbs then shallow fried. Served with sticky jasmine rice topped with a homemade curry sauce and a side salad with a Japanese dressing.
Asian Style Duck £14.75
Strips of succulent duck wok fried in spring onion, mixed chilli’s, grated ginger and bok choi, all brought together with an oyster sauce. Served with freshly cooked egg noodles.